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6km from Praia da Aberta Nova and Vila de Melides, in a 170ha estate, the Utopia project is born, where we sought to be differentiating and innovative, always based on the ecosystem in which it operates.

For this challenge, Vogue created a curatorship of architects to design the 230 houses and 4 hotels that make up Utopia, whose Master Plan was in charge of OODA and AFR Arquitectos.

Vogue's aspiration is for Utopia to be an enterprise with a high degree of sustainability and innovation, which is reflected in the introduction of wildlife through native animal species along with the technological partnership with MIT, thus reconciling development with the coexistence of ecosystems , without causing their destruction, and giving them the capacity for them to regenerate.

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""Integration, Valorization and Sustainability are the bases for the development of this project, which emphasizes its nature in the creation of a natural and social ecosystem, stable, balanced and self-sufficient."

Joaquim Lico

CEO & Founder of VOGUE Homes
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About the Project
Utopia localizacao

Utopia will be located in Litoral Alentejano (coastal region), municipality of Grândola, only five kilometres away from the sea. In an area of singular beauty, surrounded by pines and cork-oak trees, included in Programa Natura 2000.

This region is the last strip of Atlantic coast protected in all South of Europe. As a result, it has only one white sandy beach of over sixty five kilometres, sheltered by untouched dunes. The property is also very close to the village of Melides, a friendly community with cosy restaurants, local commerce and other additional services.

It is, undoubtedly, a region of remarkable beauty and genuine culture that gives us an enchanting escape or a reencounter with our authentic way of being.

Utopia masterplan

The goal is to create a high standard estate project, differentiator, eco-friendly, and enormous natural landscape sights.

The project reckons on a curatorship of national and international architects, envisaging the construction of two lakes incorporated in a property with 168 hectares. Around these lakes, different concepts of villas will rise, all benefiting from a private pool and green areas. However, the most significant aim is to create a distinct estate project of a high standard that will enable a profound experience and harmony with Nature.

Unique Construction System

In partnership with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), via the WOHO company and Ecosteel, a constructive system is being developed, with several innovations, that allows us to achieve high efficiency at an energy, acoustic and technological level.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to the national energy grid, a Circular Energy system will be developed, through the placement of photovoltaic panels, and the possibility of a biomass power station, fed through the collection and recycling of organic waste from the enterprise.

Environmental and Ecological

Concern with conscientious production and consumption conditions, respecting biological limits of ecosystems rebound and planning the application of compensation measures if needed.


We are planning an estate project with minimum impact in the ecosystem where introduced. To reduce the consumption of natural resources without compromising its growth and satisfying the need of its residents by creating integrated systems of renewable and environmentally friendly energy.


We are promoting social responsibility awareness with infrastructures that will lead to the social and economic development of the local population continuously and sustainably. In addition, having positive communication with the local community will benefit the retrieval and upkeep of cultural traditions, art, and local customs.

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Conservation and Protection

  • Introduction of preservation actions.
  • Control of invasive species.
  • Protection of native fauna and flora.
  • Conservation of the ecosystem.
  • Control of the bush and arboreal pruning.
  • Diminishing the risk of forest fire.


  • Comprehensive architecture.
  • A meticulous selection of materials.
  • Recuperation of built patrimony.


  • Walking trails;
  • Treehouses for recreation and bird watching.
  • Cycle paths and organic vegetal gardens.
  • Points of sale for craftmanship.
  • Points of sale for regional gastronomic products.
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The true inspiration of UTOPIA is time.
Time is today the most precious gift. True luxury.
When time is of quality, it is worth more and stays with us.
Our UTOPIA is to offer a perfect scenery in which time gains another meaning.

We dream of a harmonious space to discover and develop the creative self, allowing natural, aesthetic and ancestral wisdom to be our guide. Craftsmanship leads us to closely feel the elements, connecting the creative mind to the physical world, allowing us to explore its infinite possibilities in the way we live the interior, exterior and surroundings.

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